Do I have to have a package? 

No, our packages are designed to run alongside all our usual services,

we have created them specifically to include absolutely everything that

is needed to create the perfect result. In some instances you simply don’t

need everything doing so you can select all of our services separately too.

How do I know what to book in for? 

Our trained reception team will help discuss the perfect appointment for you,

but all our new colour clients are booked in for a thorough 30-minute consultation

with our stylists where we really listen to what you want so you can get exactly

what you need from us.

What is Olaplex and why do I need it?

Without getting too scientific, the structure of your hair is held together

by disulphide bonds. When we do any chemical or heat service to our hair,

we break these bonds. This ultimately prevents our colours taking properly,

stops our hair styling properly and eventually causes breakage.

Olaplex holds these bonds together during the chemical process and also

repairs bonds that have been previously broken. This results in longer lasting

colours and much better results without damaging the hair, leaving you with

strong shiny hair from root to tip.

What is a colour lock treatment and do I need it?

All colour fades over time, how quickly it fades depends on how we treat

our hair at home. We want to give you the very best chance of long-lasting

colour, so we recommend a colour lock treatment after every colour we do

in the salon. This closes down the cuticle and locks the colour in for longer

than it would do If we just used normal conditioner. But of course if you

don’t want it you can choose not to have it.

Why should I use salon bought shampoo and conditioner on my hair?

The difference between using salon recommended shampoo and conditioner

can literally be 3-4 extra weeks of salon perfect hair. Supermarket and shop

bought products can strip your colour and dry out your hair, or worse still

coat it in an invisible plastic that will stop your colours taking properly

in the salon. Your stylist will know exactly what your hair needs to stay at

its best between appointments. We can prescribe you the right products to

suit your hair and in the long run it will actually save you money because

you wont need to visit us as often and you wont go through as much. 

How often should I come?

We find the majority of our clients are super busy people, and juggling

hair appointments, children, work etc isn’t easy. This is why we try to

help you find the perfect balance, some colours need doing every 4 weeks

and every 3-6 months. We will discuss what level of maintenance you

require and tailor a hair colour and stye to suit your lifestyle…

we have maintenance packages suited to every client. From a super quick

regular visit or a longer less frequent visit. Its all about you and what you

want so don’t worry we have every option covered! 

How do I book an appointment?

The best way to get booked in is by calling the salon on 01274 562110

this way we can ask you the necessary questions to make sure we book

you in with the right stylist for you with the right amount of time allocated.

If we don’t answer though its only because we are busy with other clients,

so leave us a message and we will 100% call you back!

Do I have to have a 30-minute consultation?

Moving hair stylist can be a big thing! Especially If you are having a colour,

so we like to meet you first so we can discuss exactly what it is you would like.

We take the time to listen to you thoroughly and find out exactly what you need.

It also allows us to plan the correct amount of time we will need for your

actual appointment. We will also carry out a skin test whilst you are with us so

we can ensure you have no adverse reaction to our products.

However if you are only wanting your hair cutting a full in-depth consultation

can be given at the same time as your appointment, just mention when booking

that you are a new customer and we will take it from there.

Do I need a skin test?

If you are having a colour service and have never been to our salon before then yes,

it is imperative you come for a skin test. We can do this this alongside your

consultation and it must be at least 48 hours before your actual colour appointment.


We look forward to seeing you soon.

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We politely request 48 hours notice prior to cancelling an appointment.

This allows us ample time to offer the appointment to another client.

If less than 48 hours is given there will be cancellation fee charged

at 50% of the total cost of the appointment.

The only time this policy will not apply is in the case of an emergency

or you are displaying Covid symptoms or have been asked to isolate.

To prevent this happening please make a note of your appointments so you don’t

miss them and arrive to your appointment on time.

We hope that you agree that our time is valuable

and therefore we have to put these policies in place. 

​Many Thanks, Team AB.


It is required by law that all clients must receive a skin test

48 hours prior to their first colour appointment with us.

This also applies if It has been 6 months or more

since your last colour appointment with us.

We take the health and safety of our clients very seriously at Avenue Boutique

and we follow the National Hair and Beauty federations protocol on skin testing.

When you book an appointment with us we will arrange

all relevant skin tests to be done prior to your visit.

Thank you